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High Notes for Alto Saxophone

Brand : Rheuben Allen
Condition :  New
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Alto Sax Altissimo Fingerings Book by Rheuben Allen & Dan Higgins

You will need to learn how to play in the altissimo on your Saxophone, and we dont mean the occasional squeal at the end of your frenzied solo. You may have inadvertently squawked into the altissimo already. The Rheuben Allen/Dan Higgins Book - High Notes for Saxophone has all the exercises and fingerings, but there are usually several more fingerings that work for each note. It will vary with each player, instrument, mouthpiece, reed or musical situation.

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When selecting harmonic fingerings, it is important to remember that no two mouthpieces, reeds, instruments or players will respond the same to any specific harmonic fingering. The fingerings in this book are used by many professionals with extraordinary success.
Always choose fingerings that work best for you.

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Making of Altissimo Book

Dan Higgins and Rheuben Allen wrote the book which they believe to be the best book on the altissimo range of the saxophones on the market today.

As they would think most of you know Dan as one of the premier saxophonist and woodwind doublers anywhere... His credits are so many it would take several pages to list only a part of them. Also Rheuben believes Dan is one of the great composers and arrangers he has ever met. All the arrangements for the Hollywood Clarinet Quartet were done by Dan.


We did this book while Dan was at North Texas State and Rheuben had a sax shop in Denton (Texas). The great thing about being at North Texas State was the saxophone players were always interested in improving how they played and very open to trying new things. Under the leadership of Jim Riggs, the saxophone players were happy to help us test the fingerings.