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Kenny G 'E Series II' Dark Gold Lacquer Soprano Saxophone

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Kenny G 'E Series II' Dark Gold Lacquer Soprano Saxophone
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The “E” in the Kenny G "E-Series-II" stands for EDUCATION, so if you are looking to get started with one of the best or need a backup horn, the Kenny G "E-Series-II" is for you.

This KG Soprano Saxophone features a bore design based on the horn Kenny G plays.

These Quality Saxophones were designed by Kenny G and Rheuben Allen to help Saxophone Players reach their greatest potential.

It has been designed for the young saxophone player in all of us, but it has features that far outstrip the other horns on the market.

Comes with a Light Weight Cordura Case.

KDI Music: $ 2,995.00

KDI Music Special $ 2,150.00

Trade Show Special: $990

We are sure when you purchase the Kenny G “E-Series-II” Soprano Saxophone. You will love the way they play.

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Key Range

Keyed to the range of high G.


Bore Design

First to copy the bore of the soprano Kenny plays very closely. Rheuben Allen made only a few minor adjustments to the one hole placement to improve the intonation and response. These slight adjustments in the bore now allows the instrument to have better intonation with either the short shank or the new very long soprano mouthpieces.

The NEW “E-Series II” Soprano are slightly shorter then the original soprano with a completely different bore design.

Key Design

For the key design Rheuben decided to combine the good features of the two original sopranos. They took the upper stack and key work design from the original “G-Series” making the soprano feel more like a professional soprano. They used the palm key design from the original “E-Series” as it is a modern design making it easier to switch between alto and soprano or tenor and soprano.

Accessories Included

KG Mouthpiece #7 Facing
Mouthpiece Cap
Neck Strap
Cork Grease
Shoulder Strap
Back Pack Straps

Sound/Tone Policy

****Purchasing a Kenny G “E-Series” Soprano Saxophone is not a guarantee you will sound like Kenny G. Each saxophonist has an original tone that they produce from any given instrument. The only way to sound like Kenny G is to practice. Having the same instrument design as the one Kenny G plays will give you a better chance, but again it will not guarantee you will sound like Kenny G.

About Kenny G and his Saxophones

Kenny G. started playing on the Selmer Mark VI Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophones back in 1966, but now prefers his own Custom designed Saxophones, that he has created and appropriately called "Kenny G Saxophones".

Kenny G and his partner, saxophone designer Rheuben Allen, have opened their own factory in mainland China for the production of the new Kenny G Saxophones.

Rheuben, a world known designer and repairman, lives in China and checks every instrument during the manufacturing process, to insure the best Quality Control possible. Every factory employee is personally trained by Rheuben to make the best saxophones in the market today.

The Dark Gold Lacquer was patterned after the great tradition saxophones of the 1950s and provides a very dark rich tone color.

The Silver Plating on both the Silver Plated and Silver Plated Key Models, is the EZ Care Tarnish Resistant Silver Plating TM, and is very tarnish resistant. Just wipe and it shines like new.

"When I made the prototypes for the new E-Series II altos and tenors (said Rheuben Allen, Designer) I made several necks with different tapers and dimensions and gave them to Kenny to try. Kenny picked the combination he liked best and that is what we have placed in our production."

The E-Series II Soprano saxophone stands alone in the world of modern soprano saxophones. It is a copy of the bore and key work of the Soprano Kenny plays and it is the first soprano ever designed to offer the exchangeable harmonic key. By changing the harmonic key the saxophonist can decide to have either the harmonic key open the high F or the high E pad cups. This option allows for the player to choose the correct key opening for their mouthpiece and playing style. It has never been offered by any other company in the past or to the best of Rheubens present knowledge.

When you try the Kenny G Saxophones, you will understand why they play like no other saxophone in the market today. They are simply the best!

Warranty Exclusions:

KDI Music, and Kenny G Saxophones does not warrant against deterioration from perspiration, high humidity, extreme temperatures, oxidation or tarnish of finishes, or other external causes. KDI Music, and Kenny G Saxophones disclaims and excludes liability for damage done to finish or plating by excess polishing or pressure or use of a polishing cloth or any other product that takes the plating off. Use a soft cloth, free of chemicals for all finishes. Wipe the fingerprints off often and dry moisture off inside and outside the horn as often as possible. Keep your instrument dry and in its case when storing the instrument.
Instruments that have been altered in any way, or the identification numbers removed or changed are not eligible for warranty. KDI Music and Kenny G Saxophones disclaims and excludes liability for any incidental or consequential damages. Warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse, negligence, accidents, lack of reasonable maintenance or failure to follow Care Instructions. Warranty does not cover loss or theft of instrument.
Warranty does not cover pads, corks, felts; normal use, normal upkeep, regulation or poor quality repair work done to the saxophone by local repairman and all problems must be reported within 5 days after discovery.

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Taking Good Care of your New Kenny G Saxophone

Taking care of your new Kenny G Saxophone is very simple. Just be very careful with the saxophone. It is a quality musical instrument and all quality musical instruments require they be treated well.

*Always wipe of the saxophone before putting it in the case.

*Always take the reed off and clean both the reed and mouthpiece. This is very important for personal hygiene and health.

* Clean the inside of the saxophone at least once a week.

*Use a saxophone stand when practicing or putting the instrument down for a short while.

*Always be very careful when putting the saxophone down on anything.


Kenny G Saxophones are covered against defects in workmanship, materials, and manufacturing for two years from date of purchase. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the new Kenny G Saxophone and only when the original purchase is made from KDI Music. KDI Music, at its discretion, will find the best possible solution to the problem and remedy the situation in a timely manner.

To receive warranty service, please contact KDI Music.com at support@kdimusic.com; explain the problem via e-mail, date of purchase from KDI Music.com, and the serial number of instrument. The Warranty requires prior authorization from us before the instrument can be returned for warranty work. Proof of purchase must be presented at the time of warranty request.