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Pukanala Ukulele PK-2

ID : PK-2
Condition :  New
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Model PK-2

Size: Concert

Scale Length: 15.5
Width at Nut: 35mm
Top: Solid Acacia
Back/Sides: Solid Acacia
Fretboard: Rosewood
Frets: 17
Strings: Worth

Abalone PUKANALA Logo
Inlay on the Headstock

Includes Soft Pukanala Logo Bag

List: $538.00

KDI Music: $420.00

Pukana La Story

Aloha “Pukana La”!!!
Aloha Sunrise!!!.

“Pukana La” means sunrise in Hawaiian. Sweeping through the strings of Pukana La Ukulele, and feel the warm and sunny spirit shines upon you like the morning sun. “PUKA”, likewise, is designed to share an image of rising and opening.

The faith of Pukana La Ukulele is to break through all limits so that people can play freely. Every day is a brand new day for Pukana La. Therefore, we are free to create a new self and enjoy in it. We dare to dream, and we are capable of realizing it.