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The Alto Saxophone Survival Kit

Condition :  New
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Every Saxophone Player needs one to either to replace or protect your investment with these fine products.

Alto Saxophone Kit includes:

Peak PS-10 Compact Alto Sax Stand - $35.00
Protec Alto/Tenor Sax Neck Strap - $13.95
HW Pad Saver for the Alto Neck - $12.99
NeoTech SaxPacâ„¢ - $12.95
E-Note Clip on Tuner - $25.00
Yamaha Saxophone Maintenance Kit - $18.95
Protec Reed Case - $17.95
Mouth Piece Pad Saver by HWP - $6.99

KDI Music: $169.68 (if bought separately)

KDI Music Bundle Price: $144.23

Save: 15%

Shipped US Priority Mail in the USA Only

Shipped International Express Mail Outside the USA