Beginning Musical Students

Should I buy or should I rent? This is a question for many parents, when their child wants to start playing a musical instrument. These days you can own a flute, clarinet or saxophone for what you would pay if you rented one. A thing to remember is that if a student starts out with an instrument that does not play well out the case; they are not going to enjoy learning how to play. No instrument is a bargain if it does not play correctly. Therefore, if you decide to buy instead of rent,  check with us or a reputable dealer.

We at KDI Music understand this as a parent and a music teacher. It is very frustrating to us as teachers, when a student comes in with an instrument that is not playable. We bring in Demo instruments to let the Child try it out, and explain to the Parents, if you are renting and the instrument is not playing well take it back to the rental store.

Send us an e-mail at, we will be glad to help you, even if you do not purchase from us.
Visit our web store at: - we have the Kenny G "E-Series" and the Rheuben Allen Series Saxophone Line

As the music teacher I use the the Kenny G "E-Series-IV"  and the Rheuben Allen Series 5 Saxophones to teach with and to show parents we have great beginning horns at a great price.


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KDI Music, LLC

July 25, 2016